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Dynamics Analytics

If you are tired of developing long and endless business analytics projects over your operational software, Dynamics Analytics is the right solution for you.

If you are using Microsoft Dynamics products such as Dynamics Axapta, Dynamics Navision or Dynamics CRM, you can develop a business intelligence project in a short amount of time.

No More Waiting For Operations Before Your Analysis

Don’t develop your analytical solutions over your ERP or CRM system. We have developed the Dynamics Analytics product for you which can be fastly adapted and can produce results in unpredictably short periods. Just sit down, relax and enjoy the results of this fast solution.
Dynamics Analytics covers all your analytical needs as it contains pre-prepared datawarehouse, data integration packages, OLAP cube and reporting infrastructure.

Examples of Basic Analysis within Dynamics Analytics

  • Sales Analysis
  • Profit & Loss and Cost Analysis
  • Purchasing and Supplier Performance Analysis
  • Financial Analysis
  • Stock / Inventory Analysis
  • Production Performance Analysis
  • Retail Analysis
  • Target Actualization Analysis
  • Sales Forecast Analysis
  • MinMax Optimization

The experience and know-how of the Bicentrix Project Team on both Dynamics products and Analytical solutions is brilliant. We have been able to cover all our reporting and analysis needs using Dynamics Analytics. It was a major upside that Axapta integration and Retail specific infrastructure & analysis were ready in advance.

Turgut Soysal, Consultant Operations, Darty TR

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